International Entrepreneurship

International High-Tech Start-up Summer School

Build your International Entrepreneurship Skills & Competences

Connect your ideas. Start up now!

September 07 to 14, 2020

The International Entrepreneurship Summer School is an online seminar. It is designed to introduce you to entrepreneurship and start-up culture. You will learn skills, such as what is a business idea? How can business ideas be developed into business models? What are the skills you need and what is an entrepreneurial mindset? To teach you about what it takes to create a successful start-up, we invited international lecturers and entrepreneurs. Our International Entrepreneurship Summer School is application oriented.

Factual knowledge

Knowledge and understanding of topics around the field of entrepreneurship. Micro- and macroeconomic effects of startups. Detailed and practice-oriented excursions into various fields relevant to founding a company.

Methodological knowledge

Independent analysis, evaluation and optimization of specialist questions concerning business model development. converting your own ideas into marketable concepts using established tools. Learning and training skills from the startup environment, such as pitching.

Transfer competence

Communicative competence and persuasiveness, the ability to cooperate and work in a team, discussion of general and current topics relating to entrepreneurship. This is your chance to create an international start-up even after the event.

What to prepare. What to expect.

Before the school starts you will form multi-national teams of students or post-graduates. The Entrepreneurship Hub will support you in this process. Each team will connect their business ideas, skills and experiences to design and detail a business model during the Entrepreneurship Summer School. Thus, there is only one final business model per team. The Entrepreneurship Hub will provide you with digital tools and coaching to support you in this process. The International Entrepreneurship Summer School is free of charge, but the possible number of participants is limited. Therefore, an application is required. Please find details about the enrollment procedure above.

The International Entrepreneurship Summer School is a 3 ECTS seminar. The grading is based on your written business models that you will send us on the last day of International Entrepreneurship Summer School. If you are attending from a country other than Germany or Finland, you do not need to write a paper on the business model during the seminar. This is also the case if you have already graduated or you decide to not take the exam. Then, no credit points will be awarded for your studies, but still you are more than welcome to take part in the program and actively participate in one of the teams.

Each day from Monday to Friday you will have interesting lectures and expert talks. Afterwards, you have time to connect with your team to transfer your knowledge into your discussions regarding your business model. Our coaches will support you, whenever you have questions that concern your start-up ideas. On the last day of International Summer School, you will pitch your business ideas in front of an international jury, yet the pitch is not part of your grading.

We are currently detailing the schedule for this year’s International Entrepreneurship Summer School. Please find a draft version below.

The most promising business ideas can join our virtual start-up incubation program, a great opportunity to continue working on your businesses. Furthermore, this might lead to you joining our annual International Start-up Camp in Braunschweig, where we can support you face-to-face and connect you with the German start-up ecosystem.

Enrollment process

To register, we provide you with the application documents here.

The deadline for applications is 15 June 2020.

This year’s International Entrepreneurship Summer School can be attended by up to 60 participants.

Please fill out the individual fields in the Power Point slides and send them to us via

If you fill in the fields, you are welcome to change the font and font size according to your needs. You are also welcomed to add your own graphics. It is important for us to understand why this program is especially important to you and that you have a passion for entrepreneurship. We also ask for a business idea. This does not have to be very detailed and already complete. We need this information in order to be able to assess which international participants could be a good match. A rough description of an initial business idea is sufficient. The slides will be used later so that you can get to know each other better and as a first impression for one another.


German Indian Startup Exchange Program

The German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP) is a non-monetary platform initiated by the German Startups Association and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to strengthen and foster exchange between India and Germany in the startup space and support Indian and German startups in their efforts to gain access to the respective other market.

The project supports German and Indian startups by offering networking opportunities through events, workshops, pitching formats and study trips, providing information and hands-on assistance in gaining access to the other market by leveraging a large network of partners consisting of incubators, investors, corporates, support organisations, etc. from both countries.